Planting a Healing Garden

This class includes a plant identification walk, designing and planting a healing garden with annual

Sunday June 30th 12noon-4pm

This class includes a plant identification walk, designing and planting a healing garden with annuals and perennials, growing herbs from seeds, cuttings, as well as how to transplant and grow herbs in a variety of conditions, and container planting. We will take a trip together in the afternoon to The Herb Farmacy to meet a wide variety of medicinal plants available for purchase.


The Herbal Medicine Chest


Sunday July 28th 12noon-4pm

This class provides instruction, recipes, resources, and hands-on experience in how to make your own healing herbal products from the ground up.
We will make medicinal plant based oils, salves, poultices, teas, fomentations and more. Discover the healing properties of medicinal plants and how to use them. Recipes, instructions, and botanical list provided.


Flower Essences & Gemstone Elixirs


Sunday August 18th 12noon-4pm

Discover the magic of making your own flower essences and gemstone elixirs. You will receive guidance on how to connect with your chosen flower or gemstone, and instruction and materials on how to create your essence. Together we will do a plant/spirit/medicine journey, opening to the subtle realms to deepen and expand your understanding of how your flower/gemstone will assist in healing.


The Herbal Spa


Sunday September 22nd 12noon-4pm

In this class you will discover the flowers and herbs used for healing and maintaining healthy skin. We will make a variety of herbal skin care products including a facial steam, scrub, mask, and face cream. You will experience a full herbal facial and foot soak. Recipes and samples from class will be provided.


Herbs for Winter Health Care


Sunday October 27th 12noon-4pm

In this class we will cover how to dig and prepare herbal roots for winter health care. We will prepare fire cider, echinacea tincture, and cover recipes for supporting the immune system, addressing colds, flu, etc.


Crafting with Herbs


Sunday November 3rd 12noon-4pm

In this class we will discuss how to grow, harvest and dry herbs and flowers for crafting purposes. You will create a house blessing with a sweetgrass braid base, a wheat weaving love knot and dried flowers, herbs and feathers of your choosing.


Herbal Apprenticeship Program


Deepen Your Connection with Nature

through instruction, guidance, and hands-on experience
Learn how to use medicinal plants for healing purposes.

Field experience includes plant identification, research, preparation and usage



Access to reliable, accurate, reference material including extensive handouts and recipes

Opportunity to design, create and complete an herbal product line unique to your needs and desires

Small class size with lots of personal attention, guidance and opportunity to learn from others


Complete the Course

You will keep a log of your experiences, and create new products each month to be shared in the group

Each participant will present their product line in a "Medicine Show" at our last meeting.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion when you have finished the course.

Wheat Weaving Classes Schedule soon to come

Wheat Weaving Classes

Sweethearts and Love Knots


In this class you will learn the beginning weaves necessary to create finished designs. I will cover four to eight straw weaving techniques.



In this class you will create a full size goddess weaving. I will demonstrate how to make an earth goddess, angel, mother, and harvest maiden. 

God's Eye Medicine Wand


The weaving for this design includes a god's eye for the center and love knots for the four directions. I will also demonstrate how to embellish the finished wand with feathers and gemstone beads.

Corazon, Welsh Harp, Welsh Fan Flat Weaving


In this class you will learn the flat weaving technique used to create Welsh and Mexican weavings.

Spiral Weaving Around a Core Advanced Class


This class requires mastering four to eight straw weaving, and flat weaving. Once you are able to do these weaves effortlessly, you are ready for spiral weaving.

Spiral Weaving Without a Core Advanced Class


This class requires mastering four to eight straw weaving, flat weaving, and spiral weaving around a core.